Understand & Treat Stuttering Kit

Downloadable Stuttering Treatment Kits

If you are a person who stutters or a family member interested in helping a person who stutters you will undoubtedly have stumbled across a number of “get fluent quick”, “stop stuttering fast” or “cure your stuttering in 5 minutes” websites. I have over the last 12 months looked at a lot of these and although most of them have a tip or two that would be useful to some people who stutter, the fact of the matter is that stuttering is a very difficult problem to treat and as a result most of these kits are of no great benefit at all.

Having said all that I have found one kit that I do believe is more than worth the relatively small payment that is currently being charged for it. That kit has been put together by a guy by the name of Chazzler DiCyprian and the kit that he has produced is called the “Stuttering Dissolution Multimedia Program”. Unlike many people who promote stuttering treatment kits on the internet, Chazzler is a person who stuttered himself so what he has put together comes from his own experiences and the experiences of others like him who have learned to remove the influence of stuttering from their life like John  Harrison and Alan Badmington who have both supported Chazzler in producing this kit by sharing how they overcame their stuttering in an extended audio interview that they have done with Chazzler which is part of his Kit.

Chazzler not only talks about the physical method that he adopted to control his stuttering but also the more complicated mental side. His kit is very professionally put together and although it is not guaranteed to eliminate your stuttering it will certainly give you tools to begin to tackle the problem in a positive and meaningful way.

At a price of $67 I believe that Chazzler is just wanting to cover the production cost of this impressive kit and as such I believe it should be a part of every stutterers and speech pathologists tool box to tackle stuttering.

You can learn about what Chazzler’s Stuttering Dissolution Multimedia Program is all about by visiting his information page. Just click on the image below.